Friday, August 31, 2012

Top ten things to say to fellow musicians to assure them that you are available and desirable for work:

10. My gig was cancelled last night.

9. Still waiting on that check from last Friday.

8. Rehearsing with six bands, this time next year, probably no open dates.

7. Checked out the open mike last night. What a bunch of losers.

6. Learning banjo, seems to be some demand for it.

5. Moe's is having an accordion sale. Another possible cool double.

4. I was spoiled having monitors all those years.

3. The new Indonesian strats are really well made.

2. You have to play for the love of it or you might as well not play.

1. Facebook might lead to something.


moneyblows books and music said...

As much as this might resemble something else, I wrote it out of my head in the parking lot of the Market Basket in Lee New Hampshire this afternoon. I was looking on the floor of the car for a pen and it all came to me in a flash. I was also looking for some clarinet reeds that may have fallen under the seat.

Curt said...

11. I'm probably going to join the union, but I'm having trouble deciding between Concord and Lowell.

12. My buddy is going to give me some of his solo gigs because he has more than he can handle.

13. Since the divorce I've been woodsheddin' like a muthaphocker.

14. You see they took some of the Chick Corea tunes out of the new Real Book?

15. I got some acupuncture and I think my tinnitus is getting better.