Monday, November 19, 2007

Moneyblows Books and Music has customers all over the world because of the value placed on used books and records that come from America. After 9/11 one of our customers wrote from Greece, "I'm very sorry for the death of so many of your citizens. I'm also sorry that the hit was before my sending your payment. I hope it won't take ages to reach you. This is the payment for the second lot. Take care and don't let vengeance blind you or hurt your democracy." As exporters of vintage vinyl, we appreciate the establishment of the Library of Congress National Recording Registry. It acknowledges that physical specimens of historic recordings do not last forever. Follow this link to our music category page, where we list many of the items in the registry. From this same page you can browse our search our collection of vintage vinyl recordings, books, magazines, record needles and other interesting artifacts.

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