Monday, November 26, 2007

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but it is definitely a two-way street. There was a prominent plastic surgeon on the West Coast who only worked on actors and other professionals, and spent the rest of his time on burn victims. His ex-wife Bea told me he had to guarantee anonymity to his actor patients, so not even she would know who he worked on in the image factory part of his life. But, they talked about the burn victims.
While he was working on a famous burn case, he was sleeping at the hospital while doing 22 reconstructive surgeries on a woman's face. His wife told him, "this case is ruining our marriage, can't you finish it or pass it along to someone else?"
Her husband replied, "why don't you go down to the hospital and have a look at her? Just make sure you don't change your expression when you first see her."
So the woman went down to the hospital and saw the victim, who looked horrifying. She went up to her bed and said,
"Mrs. Durbin, my husband was absolutely right. He said when I saw you I would be looking at two of the most enormous and beautiful blue eyes that the earth has ever seen."
The burn victim's eyes widened even more.
"You mean the doctor said that about me?"
The next time Bea saw Mrs. Durbin she was even more stunning than her eyes had suggested. It was at a glamorous party and there was no sign of the woman's horrible burn accident, on her skin anyway.
The plastic surgeon had more than just a knife to work with. He had the eyes of beholders.

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