Monday, February 11, 2013

The alto tone I dig, the haircut, not so much

I never used to play alto sax much, always trying out mouthpieces and still never getting a decent sound. Then one time I was in Texas, Daddio spotted me his red Runyon plastic alto mouthpiece, in trade for some tenor mouthpiece he had his eye on. Up in Newington NH, my favorite drummer Bat Kaddy gave me this Yamaha student alto he had in his attic. I messed around with it and actually liked it better than my artist model Yanagisawa (my favorite tenor and soprano are also Yanagisawa). Then I got a chance to used it on this gig with Ray DeMarco in Portsmouth, NH. Ken Ormes had been working on singing "I'm Old Fashioned" and I honestly didn't know the tune but had brought a chord chart with me. Well, so it all worked out and I like the alto tone here, if you ever see me not getting tone this good, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

You played great on this one, Mike--gorgeous tone indeed. The haircut's not that bad, really. I've had seen worse.

Miss playing with ya.