Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tens of thousands of vinyl records

I saw an old fashioned record feeding frenzy this past weekend, in the Tanglewood neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. The estate of a jazz and classical record collector was opened to all comers. Dealers or scouts from around the country must have heard about it, they were swarming all over the records. Still, thousands must have been left. I stopped by on Tuesday and the proprietors of the estate sale told me the remaining records were all donated to the Friends of the Library in a Metroplex town about 20 miles over yonder. Many fine trad, big band, and combo jazz reissues, record club issues, even Woody Herman Mars 45 rpms. Someone swept up all the 78 rpms while I was there, presumably for one "haul-away" price. I picked up a keepsake which has the name and address sticker of one Martin Williams, a Freddie Keppard single which must have once resided in that eminent scholar's collection.

Here's is a rating and review received recently by moneyblows books & music, it's interesting enough to share:

Overall Rating: Excellent

Excellent transaction experience

I have to say (as most reviewers probably do) that the vendor's name threw me when I first saw it. However, I came around quickly when I opened the narrow, sqare package that describes an LP mailer and experienced the contents. "Eydie Swings the Blues" (1957, ABC-Paramount) is a 52-year old LP, and the sound is just gorgeous. Even more impressive is the condition of the album jacket. Amazing that it all kept so well. Everything described in the Gemm entry for this album is true, and delivery was prompt to boot. I hope to do more business with Moneyblows Records in the future.

Take a moment to check out the handmade totes.

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