Monday, February 11, 2008

Couple of quick notes on the store's newest LP additions:
King Henry and the Showmen spawned a tradition of tight Pocono-area bands, from Pennsylvania where jazz and polka have deep roots. A Walt Solek album, Hanky Panky, has a great version of I Had But Fifty Cents, which Robert Crumb could have heard in his childhood, since it ended up on his Cheap Suit Serenaders album from the 1970s.
You can act against George Raft in "They Drive By Night" thanks to this record which lets you do various scenes opposite Raft.
Has there ever been another country concept album like The Game of Triangles? In this curious package, Bobby Bare, Norma Jean, and Liz Anderson look at love life from three sides now.
We're very excited about spicing up the collection with latin styles. Trombone Jazz Samba by Bob Brookmeyer, and The Best of Los Paraguayos, are just hints of more Latin to come.
Russian culture gets a nod with The Don Cossacks and Balalaika Favorites; the latter was an early state of the art Mercury Living Presence disc recorded live in Moscow with American gear and technology. Speaking of those pesky Russians, you ought to hear Stars for Defense, one of the Office of Civil Defense propaganda recordings from the Cold War. And speaking of the Cold War, Slim Pickens was great in Dr. Strangelove and he's also great on this eponymous album.
Like to polka? Type in Jimmy Sturr in our search box. Or Eddie Blazonczyk, or Walt Solek.
Jazz item of the week is Red Norvo Trio / Cal Tjader Quartet on respective sides of this Jazztone release, Delightfully Light

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